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Experts and Expert Opinions: Rule 702 & Daubert

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Our Mission

North Carolina Attorneys for Science and Technology (NCAST) is a nonprofit organization, consisting of a group of attorneys and scientists who are dedicated to educating legal professionals about forensic disciplines, reliable scientific methodology, and the perils of allowing junk science to play a role in our justice system.

Our Vision

In March 2010, Attorney General Roy Cooper ordered an forensic scienceaudit of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations Serology Lab after Gregory Taylor was exonerated by the  North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission. The audit revealed SBI analysts omitted, overstated, or falsely reported test results in 24.7% of blood-evidence cases. Many judges, lawyers, and jurors do not know the correct practice and limits of forensic science, and so they could not disregard the unreliable evidence revealed by the audit. Until our SBI uses rigorous science in its methods, and until our judges, lawyers, and jurors know and understand proper forensic evidence when they see it, justice and the innocent will continue to be lost.

Implementing and strengthening scientific procedures that produce valid forensic evidence will substantially increase the truth-seeking quality of our courts. Confidence in our courts, in particular the criminal courts, will be restored when lawyers are able to make informed decisions about scientific forensic evidence and judges can exercise their gate-keeping function, admitting scientific forensic evidence and excluding junk science.